Live online trainings (based on Glowin face yoga method)


Live trainings are 5 week long program (basic one at first, later you will be able to apply and join for advanced one), where you will learn all the basic exercises, massage techniques, relaxation and breathing techniques, get feedback, discuss about it.


The trainings are held via Zoom and you will get all the exercises in written form as well. The recording will be available in special facebook group, made just for you, and you also get PDFs with all the exercises.



Slovenian - 20th of September, every Monday at 7PM

English - 13th of October, every Wednesday at 7PM

(If the proposed hours are not good for you and you'd like to join, please let me know what time would be good for you so I can open sign ups for different time)


Spots are limited (5 participants usually, maximum up to 10 participants).​

Minimum participants - 5.


NEXT GROUPS EVERY 2 MONTHS. You can already sign in for the next one by sending me an email to:


Difference between 5 week online basic program and live training?

- more personal approach as we can discuss about your problems, I can observe how you are doing the exercises

- we talk also about skin care, beauty tips and tricks, learn how to breath

- and the program is more structured (designed by glowinface face yoga method):

week 1: Activate

week 2: Lift

week 3: Sculpt

week 4: Give volume

week 5: Strengthen 

Live online basic training (5 weeks)

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